Each of these four offerings can be mixed and matched within a single session. I generally suggest that new clients try a variety of these services across three sessions to get an idea of what it is that I’m offering, and what fits best for their needs.

Somatic Experiencing® session

We’ll sit facing each other and follow the thread of what you decide you’d like to focus on. I’ll pause you throughout the session and guide you to check in with your body. I’ll ask questions to help us together in identifying patterns and insights. I’ll integrate different tools from my myriad trainings, as well as my professional & life experience.

Polarity Therapy Two Chair session

After a brief check-in & orientation, you’ll sit facing an empty chair. I’ll sit on the outside of the line created by your chair and the empty chair, creating a triangle. Given what we discuss in the orientation, we’ll decide whom (or sometimes, what) to “put” in the empty chair. I’ll help facilitate a dialogue, and guide you to check in with your body. I’ll cue you to switch chairs, where you’ll now embody “the other” entity, and respond to “yourself” continuing the dialogue. We’ll continue switching and tracking bodily sensations, and occasionally we might swap out characters from either chair, as the flow of the session dictates.

  • If you know Two Chair is your cup of tea, you can sign up for a 10-pack of sessions at a discounted rate. A template for a standard sequence of characters (that could be completely altered to fit your needs), would look something like this:
    • You on your best day
    • Inner child
    • Highest Self (God, Supreme Being, Universal Light/Love/Consciousness)
    • Mom
    • Dad
    • Primary partner (or “Mx. Right” if single)
    • Sibling(s)
    • Primary affliction
    • Death
    • Future Self

Touchwork session

Both Polarity Therapy and Somatic Experiencing® incorporate the laying on of hands as a technique to facilitate regulation of the nervous system. Touchwork is not bodywork in the sense that I am not moving/pressing tissues around, nor am I manipulating joints. Rather I am using my hands to complete a sort of energetic circuit, as well as to engage the body’s felt-sense of compassionate, present support. I’ll always ask for consent before initiating touch. You’ll remain fully clothed, and touch could be administered seated or lying down.

Functional Movement session

I’ll use our time in a brief check-in & orientation to get a sense of your goals in terms of movement functionality. I’ll offer various exercises and techniques adapted from my training & experience as a yoga instructor, as well as my experience & practice of other forms of movement. We’ll go slow, pausing periodically both to gauge your internal experience and let your system integrate new movement patterns.