I am not a licensed mental health practitioner, and therefore I do not offer treatment for mental health disorders of any kind.

I do not work with highly at-risk clients (those who are suicidal, bipolar, or borderline, among others).

Anyone I work with who happens to have a diagnosis of PTSD or other mental health, behavioral, mood, or personality disorder(s) should know that I am not licensed to offer treatment.

I also do not treat chronic pain or any other physical ailment or disorder.

I do not prescribe medication or interfere with prescriptions offered by other practitioners.

What I do offer are tools and guidance to help integrate the energetic residue of adverse experiences, and to regulate the nervous system back into a healthy, harmonious rhythm which in turn makes the stuff of life more tolerable and pleasurable. 

I do this through helping to cultivate one’s capacity for awareness, tracking, and differentiation of their own bodily sensations and experiences. 

I help guide my clients inward to find meaning in, and integrate, adverse experiences.

I offer practical coaching tools and resources to moderate- and high-functioning clients to support basic wellness, setting & achieving goals, re-framing fixed mental constructs & perceptions, and increasing self-esteem.

I offer education about the functionality of the nervous system. 

All of the above draws from my training and mindfulness-based interventions derived from Somatic Experiencing®, Polarity Therapy, and yoga.

I am trauma informed, and while I do not seek to activate traumatic content, I am equipped to hold space for clients when it does sometimes emerge, and to guide orientation and redirection back to a present, grounded state. In the case I begin working with anyone whose history indicates they should seek additional help from a different kind of practitioner, I will be happy to provide an adequate referral.